Thursday, July 30, 2009

a policeman, a professor, and the president

mmmm. . . progress. I was helping. . sort of. It is taking a long time to paint the trim. . . but it's looking very nice. . so well worth the wait!

Here is a the living room. . post paint. . post furniture. It's a bit of a mess (the mess is well hidden in this picture. . . but it's a mess. . trust me) but it's ours. Nothing is up on the walls yet, which drives me crazy. My usual. . put a nail up and if it isn't right put up another I-can-do-it-by-myself method isn't going to fly with my hubby this time. . so I have to think about where I want things and let him put in screws. Little by little. . it will get done.

Here are our cute 'helpers'. I say 'helpers' because what they really are is fur-losing-machines. I never knew they shed this much! I feel like I'm in a western movie. . instead of tumbleweeds there are hair balls. . and instead of a desert there is a wood floor. We have swept every day we have lived here. . and the hair is EVERYWHERE. Jonathan thinks we should get one of those robo-vacuum's. The ones that are like a little pod and are on all the time. . just sucking away. We'll see. . I'm a sceptic.

And for those of you who know and love my husband. . . you will appreciate the conversation we just had:

Jonathan: So. . . a policeman, a professor, and the president are having a beer tonight
Me: and. . . .???
Jonathan: sounds like the beginning of a bad joke doesn't it?
Me: yup. . so what happens
Jonathan: no, for real, it is happening tonight
Me: (in an exasperated voice) just tell me the joke please
Jonathan: seriously, check the news
Me: (checks the news) Oh. They are.

If you don't know what he was talking about, you can read about it here.

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