Friday, October 29, 2010

first quilt

This is my first quilt. It's for Genevieve and was a lot of fun to make, the crazy mix of patterns and colors is very me. . .  hopefully it is stimulating instead of overwhelming for my daughter. It is very far from perfect, lots of mistakes-- but I don't really care, it's my first try and I did it by myself and that's what counts, right? Anywhoo. . . I have started on my next quilt, much larger for our bed. It's kind of scary to make a bigger quilt. I made this one in a few days start to finish so it was very gratifying and I didn't get bored of the project. Hopefully I don't get bored during my next one! 

Monday, October 18, 2010

doily runner

This project was about a year in the making. Mostly because I refused to spend more than a dollar on a doily and it took me a long time to find enough that I liked cheaply enough. I first saw this idea here (I love her whole kitchen) and copied her idea for a table runner. Somewhere on Ashley's site there is a tutorial on making this. . . I didn't follow it but sort of made it up as I went, but it's there if you want it. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

what i've been up to

Okay people. . . I am a bad blogger. I have been waiting to blog because I am working on a blog makeover, but in the meantime lots of things have happened so I figure I will just suck it up and start sharing. I knew you would approve.

So, in case you don't know I am now on leave from work. For several different reasons working on my feet was too much for my pregnancy this late in the game so I have been home for almost a month now and will be until after I have the baby. I have been keeping busy (on the days not taken over by heartburn) by sewing, crafting, cooking, washing baby clothes, ect. I have to take it easy (I am not on bed rest or anything, I am just supposed to limit my activity) so sewing especially has become a big past time. Lots to share in the coming weeks of my projects.

In the picture you can see the cute pillow I made for the rocking chair in Evie's room (selfishly so my back doesn't hurt when I rock baby girl) and on the floor you might notice my boppy-- I don't like the covers at the store so I decided to make those too.

I have been cooking things I can freeze. This is chicken noodle soup day. Our freezer is literally about to explode though and I am going to have to back off of this endeavor because I have no more space to keep anything else.  I seriously considered throwing out ice cream the other day (gasp) in order to make room for some of this soup. 

And for the folks with out facebook- here is a picture of my belly this week.  Getting pretty huge. Genevieve is officially out of room in there, her feet have taken up residence in my ribcage, getting myself up from a laying position has become a feat worthy of the olympics, and people at the post office politely tell me "it must be any day now as big as you are". Really though, we have spent this week praising God for the health of our baby girl after we got some test results back and are very ready to welcome her into the world.