Wednesday, July 21, 2010

on missing China

While in NY we spent some time in China town. NY has the largest C town in the US. . .but it's still not the same. It was almost bittersweet being there. . . made both of our heart's ache. I wish we had stopped to buy some leeche. . .it looks good now that it's not in front of me to eat!

Friday, July 16, 2010

wreath fun

I made this wreath a few weeks ago. It's hanging on the door in the living room that heads into the guest room right now. I like wreaths a lot. I like this one. . . fun for every day. I made it using this tutorial. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

new york part 2

Times Square was the end of a very long day while we were in the city. We had gone on this trip with a list of things we wanted to see and/or do and we did about 2/3 of them on this day. It was a long day.  We went to China town in the morning then Washington Square park for Jonathan to play Chess, Union Station, Rockafeller Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral, did some shopping, checked out the Lego store (which is awesome) and 3 different Banana Republics (when they were right there I just had to go inside and look at their floor sets and visuals. . couldn't help myself), saw West Side Story, and then hung out at Times Square. Add in all the walking and train time in between. . . and I was tired. It was fun though and good to get a lot of the touristy things Jonathan likes to do (and me not so much) all done at once. 
The next day we went on the Staten Island Ferry. If you are ever visiting the city I would recommend this. First, it's free. Second. . . you get up close to the Statue of Liberty and see all of the iconic skylines all at once. And it's Free. I figure you have all seen pics of the Statue of Liberty before. . . so here is one of us on the ferry. 
My sister came in the afternoon on the last day we were in the city and it was her birthday no less. We had fun going to see the Museum of Modern Art with her. We also took her to see the Manolo Blahnik store (being the huge Sex in the City fan she is, it was on her must do list), a comedy show (something on Jonathan's list) and then back to Times Square before we headed up state for my Gramma's b-day party with family. 
Just one of hundreds of pictures Jonathan took at the Museum.
The rest of the days were a bit slower. .  with just a couple of activities (like go to a museum or Central Park) but were very fun and good for us to get to spend time together before this little one arrives. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

baby girl

Her face didn't really come out in the scan of the ultrasound pic above. 

I am not going to put the 'it's a girl' photo up . . . but it was pretty clear that it's a girl. We are excited and can't wait for her to get here. She is kicking like crazy and starting to keep me up at night with her moving around. She was actually kicking in the picture of her foot. Very active little girl. . .:) She weighs about 1.5 lbs right now and is healthy and developing normally. 

I have also started to gain back some of the weight I had lost during the first 4 months and am not getting sick near as often as I had been. Praise God. . . feels great to keep food down!

Monday, July 5, 2010

baby kicks update

Okay. . I will be posting more fun pictures from our trip in NY. We are home now. 

But the exciting news tonight is that Jonathan felt the baby kicking for the first time. It's super early for him to be able to feel it. . but the baby was kicking so hard. Yeah. . .I've been so excited to share this with him. 

And speaking of exciting news. . . our ultrasounds is on Wednesday so we will soon know if this kicking baby is a boy or girl!

Hope you had a great holiday weekend.