Monday, March 15, 2010

tee pee

Sorry it's been a while. . . I lost the camera cord thing again. . . you'd think I would designate a space for that thing or something. Anywhoo. . . My mom and Kevin came to visit us a couple of weekends ago and on Sunday morning we woke up to this . . . 
Oh yes. . . it happened. Apparently it was a random prank. . . we had neighbors stopping as they drove by to ask if we knew who did it because they were tee pee'd the weekend before and others were tee pee'd the same night blocks away from us. Most of our neighbors were mad. . but Jonathan and I threw plenty of toilet paper rolls in the not quite as distant past so we just laughed. Jonathan and Kevin cleaned it up out of our trees/yard and our two neighbors who got it too. 
It made me nervous when Kevin got that high just to get down the last pieces in the tree. I think he had fun though. While Jonathan was cleaning it out of our neighbors trees he met our grouchy neighbor a few doors down. We hadn't met her yet, but had heard she wasn't usually pleasant. Well. . .she lived up to her reputation and yelled at Jonathan while he cleaned the tee pee out of her tree. . . she accused him of having put the toilet paper there in the first place, and when he explained that he is her neighbor and was just trying to be kind by cleaning up her yard, she told him it must be our fault because young people always bring trouble. geesh. I think it's sad when people are that unhappy.