Sunday, August 2, 2009

I heart Sundays

So. . . we had picked our furniture for our front porch before we ever moved in. . . but I wanted to wait to buy it until it was at least 50% off during the end of the season. So we have gone to the store it was at a couple of times a week (retail's worst nightmare. . . oops) to 'visit' the furniture and check and see if it was marked down yet. It has been on sale, but just today it went about 55% off and it was the last set so we bought it! Two trips later to get it all home and we officially have porch furniture. We spent a good portion of our day out there. . . here are a few pics.

I don't really like the fabric on the cushions so I plan on re-covering them sometime with something more red or orange or yellow. . . colors I like.

Get ready for fur mania. . . Jonathan was in shock as to how much fur was coming off Jack. I have done this before with him so it was nothing new. . . you can keep brushing him for hours (I'm sure, never really brushed him for hours) and the fur keeps coming.


Hope your Sunday was as enjoyable as ours!


  1. Love the furniture! It made me laugh that there is a porch full of new furniture and Jonathan is sitting on the ground! ;) I'm dying to see the house. It looks so cute! Miss you guys.

  2. The furniture is awesome! And one tip about hardword floors and pet hair. The vacuum is your best friend. Trust me.

  3. Just had a minute to look at your new pics. Love the furniture on the porch. Good job, Michelle & Jonathan. It's looking like a home with lots of love in it!