Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So. . . as of yesterday the house is ours!! We are very excited. Last night we brought the dogs over and just spent some time walking around and planning what needs to be done. My sister-in-law and my mom are coming to help this week so we are going to get painting. I've decided we will paint the dinning room and the living room. The problem with the living room is I have no idea what color I want to paint it. Usually I make decisions very quickly so this is weird for me. It's a HUGE room and I am thinking I want to stay neutral and pull color in with other things. . . but am having a hard time deciding what direction of neutral to go. The dinning room is connected and I will be painting the room orange beneath a chair rail and a neutral on top. I am thinking maybe cream. . . but I don't know that I want the whole big living room to be cream. Hmmm. . . what are your thoughts ladies! I need your help!


  1. Hi Michelle,

    Enjoyed reading about the random dishwasher! The house looks fun, i'm sure between your friends and yourself you'll have it as you so desire soon. We're both looking forward to our trip stateside, of course catching up with you guys too. Keep well, see you soon in August

    Andy x

  2. I think you should stick with a warm nuetral since the dining room is going to be warm.

    I am so excited!!! EEEEEEEEEECCK!


  3. Um, going with the warm theme, cream? Maybe?