Wednesday, July 29, 2009

take joy

No pictures today. . . just me. I've been having some difficulty with my camera battery (I think I need a new one). There isn't much to see anywhoo . . . every room has random stuff all over. . yuck! Where did so much STUFF come from??? Stuff we own . . . stuff to do. . stuff our dogs dragged out . . . When we take the time to sit down and ignore the 'stuff' we are really enjoying our home. I'll post pics soon. . . promise! Our current project is painting the trim in our bedroom. . and with all those windows it's taking a while. I'll post when we finish!

Since we have moved my smart husband who serves a smart God has called me out many times for being negative. . . it stinks (but is sooo good) to hear the truth! But I have been negative. . . about the amount of work to do. . about how much plumbers cost. . about work. . . though the reality is I really love these things (well, maybe not the plumber). I think I just get bogged down and forget about joy. The truth is I love our new home. I love walking our dogs to the park. . chatting with our neighbors. . sitting with Jonathan on the porch. . . I love my job. Just yesterday I worked a split shift (went in in the morning than back that evening) so I had most of my day at home. I took 2 hours to get ready. . just doddling and enjoying washing my hair twice. . . I never do that. . it was so fun! I love my job, but don't always love the schedule. . but there are huge upsides to my work schedule being non-normal. Today I have a long list of to-do's. . . and I am going to try to take joy.

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