Saturday, July 11, 2009

Making Progress

The cabinet pics are for Kelley. . . she and my mom are the only ones who can truly appreciate how amazing this is. There was layers of contact paper, wallpaper, paint, and probably 20 plus years of grease all layered and SICK! Now they are nice and clean. . . . 3 days later!

This pic is so when I tell you all I am going to wallpaper the bedroom we are going to use as our office you all don't send me messages of outrage. There is no repairing that wall (we didn't know it looked like that until we had the wallpaper down) short of tearing out the plaster and putting up new sheet rock. Since we don't want to do that. . . wall paper to the rescue! Sometimes people wall paper for good reason. The secret is that I actually like the look of some wall paper and I am excited to have a good valid reason to use it! I'm looking forward to looking for some!


  1. Wallpaper is amazing, end of story. I have a whole bookmarked folder devoted to it because my house will have it.

  2. Yay! I wish I could see it in person, or better yet - help you!!! Congratulations, homeowner! I really like some wallpaper too. Garen and Pat's new house has some really pretty stuff in one room - super vintage and awesome.