Monday, May 3, 2010

lamp posts and rain barrels

Spring time at our house has brought us outside. . . Jonathan working on the lawn (see how much it's filled in!), planting bushes. . . and together we gave our previously rusty and ugly lamp post a makeover. Now it has glass instead of a bare light bulb hanging out and is black instead of white covered in rust. Looks a ton better huh? Sorry if you've never been to our house or noticed the eye-sore lamp post I don't have a before pic up close. . didn't think ahead. 
If you know my husband well. . . you know that he gets on kicks. . . or near obsessive about a project or computer game for a month or so at a time. Recently he has been on a rain barrel kick. So here it is. . the fruit of his labor. A Pepsi barrel his co-worker gave him that he has converted to collect the rain water from our roof to use to water the lawn. Impressive huh? Now Jonathan waters the lawn and bushes with rain water. . . good for the earth and out water bill. 


  1. Glad Jonathan went for the black. You definitely get double eco points, you recycled and are saving water. Brilliant.

  2. That lamp post is downright adorable. You both are doing such a great job with the house!