Friday, April 9, 2010


After all the whining I did about winter lasting FOREVER-- and I am not being dramatic-- I have been enjoying spring instead of blogging. . sorry :) We have also had a slew of visitors in the past month and a half. . . that has been wonderful. Unfortunately. . .I'm not so great at taking pictures of when people visit. . . again. . sorry. We did have a great time with my mom, brother, Jonathan's sisters Kelley & Sadie, the Olinger family, a young man going overseas this summer who stayed her for a weekend. . . and my friend Sam comes tonight. Our guest bed has been used more in a 6 week period that it is usually used in a year. It's been great. 

On another note. . . we are really loving our home in the spring. The tree's are blooming and are beautiful. I am beginning a raised vegetable bed in the back yard (pictures to come) and Jonathan is growing grass. When you have as many trees as we do the shade makes it near impossible to grow grass. . . but as you will see in the pictures below. . he has successfully grown some grass in the mud pit we call our yard. After all his hard work. . . I am sure we will have a beautiful plush yard to show for it this summer. Look closely. . you can see the new baby grass. Jonathan comes home on his lunch every day to water and check on his baby grass. So cute.


  1. That baby grasses are not just baby grasses; they are the result of Jonathan's love and attention.

  2. Love it! Jason is toiling over our grass too. Funny. How did you do your raised bed? I've been asking Jason to help me make one. Call me!