Friday, May 7, 2010

fence jumping and other adventures

Our dogs used to be little. And sweet. And unable (or unaware that they could) to jump over fences. Or bust out front doors when they aren't quite latched. Ahhh. . . I miss those days. Granted they didn't have complete control over their bladders yet and peed on the floor sometimes. . . but it's all about perspective, right? 

Audrey can jump over our fence. She figured it out before we even moved in. . .we would bring them over while we painted and cleaned and she jumped the fence. She just wanted to be inside with us. . . so she would go sit by the back door and wait to be let in while Jack (mad he can't jump the fence) would yelp from the back yard tattle tailing on her. Annoying. . yes. . .big deal. . no. This spring though. . . when baby bunnies abound . . . Audrey has found a reason to make a break for it. And she does. All the time.  So we don't leave her out there alone anymore. But then on Wednesday Jonathan was outside WITH Audrey and Jack. . . and she jumped the fence right next to him while he stood there and he couldn't find her for over an hour. Naughty Naughty Dog! Next plan. . . I'm buying a chain to attach her to the tree in the backyard today. We'll see how that goes.

Jack realized that if a door isn't latched-- or if someone is going out or coming in the front door. . .he can barrel through. Audrey jumps on the bandwagon. And then we have 2 escaped dogs. Tuesday night this happened while I was on the phone with my friend Holli. I hung up with her to go looking for them. I was wearing pj pants and a hippy Beetles t-shirt(at 7 pm on a weeknight. . such a looser. . .but I didn't feel good. . .but my neighbors don't know that) when I arrived at a neighbor house (hadn't met them before). The two parents were outside playing catch with their three kids in the back yard. . . and there were my dogs. . . chasing their dog around their yard. And then there is me. . . demanding my dogs obey me and come and sit (ha) so I can grab their collars and drag them home while profusely apologizing and dying of embarrassment. 

They are usually very good and obedient dogs. Maybe it's because I've been sick and just lay around and don't pay them enough attention. . . or maybe they just had a taste of freedom and are now obsessed. Whatever it is. . I want my sweet obedient dogs back. 


  1. Smart (and fiesty!) dogs...they sure are keeping you on your toes :)

    At least you aren't going straight to the invisible fence. I think those are so cruel for some reason.

  2. Oh Chelle, this is funny, unfortunate, but funny.