Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Bad picture. . . but it's the only one that isn't super fuzzy from the morning we found out we are having a baby. We had been out of bed for literally minutes when this was taken. . . and it looks like I am eating the pregnancy test. But. . enough about the picture. We're having a baby. We've tried to tell as many people as we can ourselves. . . but in case we missed you (sorry!) I will give you the low down.

I am due November 12 which makes me 13 weeks right now. We are very excited! Hmmm. . other commonly asked questions: we don't care if it's a boy or girl. . . yes I have morning sickness and it should be called all day sickness and it's still here. . . . I am starting to show a little bit-depends on the day some. . . no weird cravings- just eat what sounds like I can keep down. 

We are just so thankful that God has blessed us with this pregnancy and are excited to experience this journey until the baby is born because while we don't know what it's like to be parents, we know our lives will never be the same.


  1. Yay!!!! You poor thing for being sick though. Ev and I were just talking about it and I was thinking, man you throw up anyways without being pregnant. I'm praying the sickness passes soon!

  2. super news x x x

  3. You are right, your lives will never be the same. But, they also don't have to change as much as everyone says either :)

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you... You will have to wait another 20 years or so before you can experience the awesome joy of a grandparent. Congratulations, mom and dad. The center of your corporate universe is about to change forever. Our prayers are with you.

  5. Sorry to hear you are sick! On a good note...your lives will change forever but in the most exciting and amazing way! Brian and I are amazed every minute with Layla. We have never put the camera away...because of that she is a total ham when we take her picture but thats another story.

    We are just so excited for you and for this next generation of Van Winkle's! Layla can't wait to meet her cousin...girl or boy!