Monday, January 25, 2010

on work

My small group is doing a study about the book of John. It's called John, and is from the Life Changes Series. It's a good study. . . This week the below text was one of the side notes:

"Jesus speaks often of "work" and "works." He is usually referring to the Father's work(s) that He, Jesus, is doing. These works include the miraculous "signs" of transforming things, healing, and raising the dead. but they also include Jesus' teaching and all His other actions day to day as the manifestation of God. Indeed, His very presence in the world is His mission, His work.

Whereas John usually calls Jesus' miracles "signs," Jesus calls them and everything else He does "work(s)." Unlike "sign" and "miracle," "work" is a mundane word. It implies that both Jesus' natural and His supernatural actions are simply His work, His job, just as other men have their jobs. But Jesus' work comes from the Father and points to the Father; in the Old Testament, God's "works" are involved with creating and delivering His people from slavery. "

mmm. . . good stuff. I've been thinking about it all week. . . so I thought I'd share. Is doing the Father's work such a normal part of my life that it's my work, my second nature, just like the job I take a paycheck home for?

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