Sunday, January 10, 2010

can't call the maintenance man

We love our house. We love our house because it is old. A lot of life has been lived in this house. It's beautiful in a lot of ways. I realize I say our house is beautiful and post pictures of the uber-ugly kitchen down below. . but never fear. We will restore it and make it beautiful too someday. But back to my point. . . our house is old. So things happen. Like dishwashers breaking and spewing out nasty brown water while I am cleaning the kitchen floor. Ugh. Never fear. . . Jonathan to the rescue. Turns out there is a spring missing and the water was only brown because of some rusty screws and the leaking was solved with weather-stripping. Just have to say. . . the upside to renting is the maintenance hotline. I miss those.

And just because this picture makes me laugh. . . behold Jonathan & Austin putting away our Christmas tree. This is during the "smooshing so it will fit in the box" phase of taking it down.

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha. Those dudes are random. I like the way Austin looks like he's trying it on and Jonathan is just hugging it and giving it a thumbs up.