Sunday, November 1, 2009


Can you guess which one is Jonathan? Yeah. . in the light it's easier to tell. . . but on our dark porch. . he got a few good jumps out of some teenaged boys last night. My mom or I would sit and chat with the teenaged trick-or-treaters and ask them if they thought the scarecrows were real. . . . and when they were convinced they were fake, Jonathan would jump up or yell and they would screeeeem. My mom even convinced one smarty-pants young man (I'm guessing he was about 13) to TOUCH Jonathan. . . and then Jonathan jumped. . .he he. It was fun.

Here is sweet Iris, my mom's dog. She was a giraffe for halloween. CUTE! My dogs were nothing. Personally, I think big dogs look silly in costumes (plus, like I've said, our dogs are not people).
Jonathan and my mom decorated the porch. He even put orange paper in the lantern in the yard to make it look spooky. The picture doesn't do it justice. . .. it was a little spooky.
How was your halloween???


  1. haha. glad he enjoyed scaring kids.
    sounds like you enjoyed it as well! i wish i could have seen the smarty pants kid pee his pants ;)
    it was GREAT seeing you guys!!

  2. Hahaha. That is hillarious. Oh man, I can definitely see how the two of you would enjoyed that. We only got five trick-or-treaters so now we're stuck with masses of candy. :(