Friday, November 27, 2009

lots of dogs

John and Kelley's dog Roxy came to visit. Jack and Audrey LOVE her. Especially Jack. Because Roxy likes to play all the time. So they play.

Isn't he cute. You don't have to think so. But we do.

Yes. I put up our Christmas tree. It's not worth the work if I don't enjoy it for at least 5 weeks. That's what I think.


  1. Oh good, Jack had a playmate for a while. But boo for the extra hair clean up.

  2. And yes, about going dark on the ceilings. Your ceilings are high enough not to make it claustrophobic. What room are thinking about doing that in?

  3. don't know about the ceilings. . . just a thought for when we re-do them. . . but i don't know when that will be :)