Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So. . . I've been working on our closet remodel. It hasn't gone exactly as planned. First you might ask, why was I using orange paint? It's primer left over from the dinning room and I wanted to use it up. I thought it wouldn't hurt. And it didn't. . .hurt the walls. But when the paint tray decided to jump off the ledge on the ladder I was on. . . that did hurt. We got it up, thankfully. Lots of hot water and towels and scraping it out of the cracks in the floor. But it's out. . . thankfully.

I don't have pictures of the next paint fiasco. . . but there was another. During the whole 'orange paint on the floor' incident I managed to not get any paint on myself. Nor did I get paint on myself while I painted the closet grey over the primer. I had worn paint clothes both of these times, but since I hadn't gotten them dirty. . . when it came to painting the inside of the door trim (like a 10 min job at most) I thought it would be fine to keep my FAVORITE JEANS on. Big mistake. I somehow managed to get white paint in like 5 different places. Thankfully I noticed right away, put them in water. . .and headed to google to find out how to get it out. Rubbing alcohol people and a tooth brush. . . it will come out!

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