Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Date Night

So. . . about 2 months ago. . . Jonathan asked me on a date for October 25th. Since planning isn't jav's fav . . . this was a BIG deal. So I've waited and waited. . . and thought maybe he was taking me to see Wicked. . . but what he took me to was even better.

Please excuse the kinda crappy pic. . . it's hard to take pictures of an egg-like stage that keeps being lit in bright neon colors :) Ben Folds is awesome. . . and for the encore, he sang The Luckiest. Defiantly made my top five dates list.


  1. All along I thought it was Wicked tix! You are right, Ben Folds IS even better....Jonathan did good. LOVE THEM--one of our wedding songs was The Luckiest :)