Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things we love.

One of the reasons Jonathan and I loved this house was the front porch. Jonathan especially looked forward to sitting out during storms. Well. . . we had our first storm on Monday and Jonathan was out there all right. I was getting soaked so I went inside. . . but he took these pictures.

One of Jonathan's new loves has been thistles. He wants to plant a thistle garden one day. His new found appreciation for these plants (weeds to some peeps) has opened my eyes to their beauty. I saw these at Dillon's today and had to snatch them up! So pretty.


  1. good work - I love to watch storms from the porch as well!
    I did not realize you guys got a house! CONGRATS. I bet the puppies (I know they aren't baby dogs, but I call most dogs puppies) love it!