Saturday, November 13, 2010

one week old and a little bit random

Check out the cute onsie Miss Allison F. made for me.
On my first walk with my Nana. Now that I feel up to taking her on a walk it's too stinkin' cold outside.
 A not in the hospital family picture. Jonathan cracks me up in this picture. . . hand on his hip looking all GQ.
And here is an example of how the fashion police would usually take issue with Evie's outfits. Right now it's all about what fits and the ballet socks stay on so for now they go with everything.
Last night Evie blessed her parents with 5 hours straight of sleep. After a few very rough nights. . . it was AMAZING.


  1. I think a trip to Wichita is in order very soon! She is so beautiful! You are too! :) Love you.