Saturday, February 20, 2010

our kitchen has multiple personality disorder

I made these curtains last week for the kitchen. They make me happy. Renovating/decorating a house in stages is a funny thing. I might be crazy eclectic and put things together on purpose all the time that don't 'go' . . . but I love the things I put together and that makes them work (I think). However. . . our kitchen. . . with it's powder blue tile and counter top, crazy country knobs on the light oak cabinets. . . combined with the things I actually like. . . looks like a hot mess. Oh well. . . I don't see any point in hanging curtains to MATCH the powder blue travesty just to take them down and throw them out in a year . . . so a crazy kitchen we have. It motivates me to keep working on projects so we will get to the kitchen sooner than later. Off to sand the third bedroom. . . I might even paint it this week!

Notice how bleak and grey it is in all my pictures lately??? It's like that EVERY DAY (not really, I exaggerate. . .a lot . . . there was sun yesterday . . . but it feels like it's grey every day) so I can't get good light to take a good photo. . . soooooo ready for spring. This weekend my mom and brother were supposed to visit. . . but because of an impending snow storm that will hit on their drive home they had to cancel. How about you. . . is this crazy long winter getting to you too?

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  1. i love that fabric though!
    even if it doesn't "go" at all...