Tuesday, February 9, 2010

chair love

Okay. . . if you're one of the friends who have been waiting to see this. . .here it is. My chair choice. I will be getting the rest sometimeish. . . ya know. . . whenever that is :) But in the meantime. . . I love this one I brought home for a test drive. I love marrying the modern lines of the chair with the uber-traditional lines in the table. I love the skinny chrome legs that let you see around the chair and are not bulky and don't block the view of the table Jonathan loves so much. AND it's comfy. . . a Jonathan must. So there it is. My new chair. I hope you like it too.
p.s. the chair is really dark brown. . . not black. just so ya know.


  1. EEEKKKK! LOVE it! Chelle its going to look amazing!

  2. The chair looks great! And so much thought was put into it. Now, let's talk about that stellar rug. I need one like that. I know they are easy to find, but did you find it for a steal or semi-reasonably priced?