Wednesday, September 9, 2009

time capsule

The night we got the keys to our house, Jonathan and I started opening drawers and closets as we were figuring out our plan of attack and found this.........

It is the Wichita Eagle from November 13, 1960. The house was built in 1925. . . so we are not sure the significance of the paper. . . but thought it was cool so we framed it to hang in the living room. It has titles such as Dixie Governor Told To Obey Court Order and Nixon to Keep hand on Reins and Advanced New "Discover" Shot into Orbit. Like I said. . . cool stuff. I was going to cut a page out of it for a mixed media painting I was working on (I'll show you that later. . not sure if it is finished or not) but Jonathan was outraged....... he was probably right. So I didn't. It's inside the frame. . all preserved.

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