Saturday, September 12, 2009

a great Saturday

Today was great. I was exhausted so we decided to scrap our plan full of painting and going to the gym after I got home from work this afternoon. . . and we reeeeelaxed. Like I said. Great. I took a quick nap on the couch and then decided to cook. . . because I like cooking. I made an apple pie, Joe my father-in-law's chili, and cinnamon rolls from scratch like my Grandma used to. It was great to have time to cook. Like I said. . I like it. Then. . . we had a surprise and our friends Dan, Jamie, and Caden came to visit. GREAT. We like them. Now we are going to watch Braveheart. . . and pretend I don't have to work tomorrow. Hope you all are having a good weekend too!


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  2. Crazy. I made apple sauce. Apples are awesome.