Monday, January 24, 2011


So. . . I can't find the camera cord again. Kind of a common occurrence. . . and I don't usually lose things. Just have a problem with the camera cord. I even gave it a designated home. . . but it's not there. Not that you care, but you'll know when I find it because I'll post pictures. We've got some dang cute ones in the camera to share. 

Started back at work last week. Jonathan's daddy experience is going well. Evie has figured out when I am at home and gets up ever two hours or so in the night again (she was nearly sleeping through the night before). Bummer. Work is crazy busy which I think is a blessing- I hardly have time to miss her until I get home. I like retail because of the cycles. . .and January/February is a great time in the cycle (I think). 

I am itching to paint our family room. And get new carpet. And buy furniture. And. . .  what's with me? I don't have time or money for all that. 

We got netflix this past week. Talk about a time sucker. Maybe it's because I have no self control and am re-watching the first season of Grey's. Yup. . . that's more likely the problem.

Evie talks all the time. Sooo cute. Amazingly cute. Being her mom is pretty great.

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  1. Best of luck back at work, glad you are keeping busy. Netflix rocks - you will continue to love it, especially if you can stream it. We got addicted to Weeds. And Despicable Me is fantastic. Can't wait to see more pics of your little angel!