Monday, December 20, 2010


all word posts should happen in color. makes the no picture part more better- i'll do this from now on.

I can't believe it's December 20th. The past  couple of weeks have flown by. My dear friends Sam and Andy stayed at our house while they were here for her brother's wedding, Jonathan's parents and little sister visited, my Dad and Julie visited and I had a stay at the hospital and surgery today. Lots going on and 5 days until Christmas. I feel like yesterday was the first day of December. 

If you don't know about the surgery. . . I will write about that first so their are no worries. I had surgery at noon today and was home at 4:30- seriously awesome. I feel fine (might be because I am a bit high right now from all the meds, but really I think I would feel okayish without them). So here's what happened. Remember how during my pregnancy I had 'heartburn' from hell-seriously.  Well it turns out that 'heartburn' that responds to no medicines, lasts for 10+ hours, makes you vomit every 10 minutes, and makes you think maybe you can't handle having another baby isn't so much heartburn at all. It's gallstones. And you need surgery. Yup- I'm not crazy (I thought I was, like how could this hurt so much). So. . . on Wednesday this week I had 'heartburn' that was so awful I couldn't breath so I decided to pay my doctor a visit in the middle of heartburn. He had never seen me when I was having a gallbladder attack so when I said I had heartburn he took my word for it. Me sobbing and vomiting into his trash can caused him to ask some extra questions and then tell me I needed surgery. So we scheduled an ultrasound to double check the next day. In the meantime I went home (after a shot to make me stop vomiting) and was okay for about 3 hours. Then I got sick, very sick, again. After calling my doctor I ended up being admitted to the hospital that night. Turns out I was passing a stone into my Pancreas which gave me Pancreatitis. YESSSSS. Not so much. I spend a few days at the hospital. . . came home for a day . . . and had surgery today. I hadn't eaten solid food since for 6 days until dinner tonight. Food has never been so good. So that's the story. 

I don't usually post things in detail like that, but I have a lot of people to call and tell that story to and it just seems a lot easier to tell the story all at once. Sorry if you didn't want to read that. I promise I left out all the not fun to hear details (except the vomit b/c that was kind of an important part of the story). 

I will do some posts with pictures about all the visits this week. They are much more fun kind of posts!

Love you all and thank you to those who were praying for me today and this past week. God is good.

Disclaimer: if any of this doesn't make sense, i am on drugs as i write (as previously mentioned). i have no excuse for other posts not making sense, that's all me.

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  1. I can't believe you were blogging an hour after getting out of the hospital! Amazing. SO GLAD that is behind you and glad you don't have to feel crummy anymore. Hope you can enjoy Christmas now. Love you!