Monday, June 7, 2010

summer time

Okay people. . I've been busy and my blog has taken a back seat. Plus someone hacked my blog last month and I spent a couple of days getting it back up. . sorry if you came and my blog wasn't here!

So summer. . . I wouldn't say it's my favorite season. . .  but there are things that I really enjoy. Here is a run down of things I have enjoyed this summer. 

Here is my bounty after visiting the farmer's market with two friends Saturday morning. Yum . . . produce shipped from Mexico just can't compete.

Jonathan napping on the porch. I sort of woke him up while taking this picture. Last summer he fell asleep out there one evening after I had already gone to bed and didn't wake up until 2 am to come inside. This incident was followed by lots of joking of what that must have looked like to the neighbors. . . Did his wife put him out on he porch?!? Let's just hope for no repeat performances this summer :)

The baby dove hatched. It was pretty incredible actually. I was ironing standing not far from the front door when I noticed the dove fly away (and that dove has not left the nest unless startled for weeks people). I started watching and the next thing I knew I saw the little baby dove head peeping out of the nest. So cute. The momma/daddy dove came right back and immediately became very protective. Sorry for the fuzzy picture. I took it through the glass door for fear of making the dove mad. 

Jonathan had a birthday. We were in Dallas visiting family and all went out to eat to celebrate. Jonathan had a great birthday and we also really enjoyed spending time with my dad & Julie, Aunt Marsha & Uncle Ed, and my sister.

Here we all are before dinner. Sorry friends asking for baby bump pictures. . . I am defiantly showing in this pic. . but since the shirt is tent like and I am leaning over you can't really see much. I will take a good baby bump pic soon and post it.

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