Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our house part 2

Family room. It was a garage once upon a time. . . but I don't think you can tell when you are in there.
Other view of the family room. The stairs go to the kitchen and the other door is to the basement.
North side of the kitchen. Door at the back goes downstairs to the family room. To the right of the door notice the 'tile' on the wall?? It's not tile. It's like a weird vinyl board with fake looking tile on the front of it. . . gotta love the 70's remodels! Good news is it will come down easily.
South side of the kitchen. The best (by which I mean funniest) part of the whole house is the story of the dishwasher. Okay. . so once upon a time where the dishwasher is used to be a door to go outside. When the decided to put in a dishwasher this seemed to be the logical place since there is another side door downstairs. I agree logical. . . but here is where it gets screwy. . . they LEFT THE DOOR THERE! So when you are outside, the stairs have been cut off and about 4 feet up there is a random door to no where- and on the inside there is a Mr. Ed type window that opens like a door and instead of a storm window behind it. . you have a door. Hmmm. . . We're going to wait to deal with that little piece of 'character' until next summer when we paint the outside. Ohh. . see the swinging door to the dinning room? I like that.

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  1. Hahaha. I love the Mr. Ed door. Okay seriously, get Jonathan in that door and take a photo. Nice purse btw.